"Although it has been over a year since our family had the trip of a lifetime with Hanna Kuluvar Esparza to Cuba, I think about Trinidad and all our adventures and the lovely Cuban hosts all the time! Truly, it was one of the best vacations/adventures we've had. Put this on your "list", consider it greatly, and hope you can make a chance to visit Cuba with Hanna! ESPECIALLY after this winter we've had! GO! :)"   ~ Kathy Smith


"Thinking about going to Cuba? When I went in March it was a homestay program lead by Hanna Kuluvar Esparza who is laid back, fun, knowledgeable, flexible and loves dance, music and local culture. It was not your typical/commercial touristy type of trip - which was perfect because I hate that kind of stuff! Haha. :) It felt good knowing that the money we paid was going to the people in the communities we stayed in.

Hanna takes people regularly and the people who live in Trinidad know, like and respect her. Hit her up and let her know you're interested in joining her! She's very easy going and makes great accomodations for your circumstances or travel plans.

Thank you Hanna, Carlos, Olga and everyone who helped us on our trip!" ~ Caitlin O'fallon

"Experience the dance and music of Cuba and connect with Cubans with "Corazones de Cuba Cultural Exchange". The beautiful soul behind CCCE, Hanna Kuluvar Esparza, is a sensational ambassador of peace and a professional dancer. Traveling with Hanna Kuluvar Esparza and a Corazones de Cuba is something you'll treasure for a lifetime. And it's the most affordable trip you can imagine." ~ Tim Owen


"I went on the Trinidad, Cuba trip with Hanna Kuluvar Esparza who is an amazing trip organizer and guide. She makes the trip effortless for her clients as we just sat back, danced Cuban Salsa, ate, spoke Spanish with Cuban friends and host family and had so much fun!

Hanna creates a trip based on client interests and found Cubans to teach dance, Spanish, drums, horseback rides, coffee making, etc. We had so much fun, relaxed, ate amazing local food and had the best trip ever!

I highly recommend Hanna’s Corazones de Cuba Cultural Exchange. I felt like I made new friends and connected with Cubans which I have not been able to do in previous trips." ~ Susan Boen


"I cannot thank Hanna enough for this amazing trip. I learned that you don’t have to speak the language to have fun. I connected, enjoyed and had a lot of fun without a single word in Spanish. I learned about music, how to cook Cuban food and dance. I cannot wait to come back again to visit Cuba. To Carlos and Olga, thank you so so much for making me feel like home and part of your family." ~Salman Almadoug